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    Activated Carbon Pellets for terrarium • 200 g bag


    Activated Carbon Pellets for terrarium • 200 g bag This premium activated Carbon (charcoal) is an excellents addition to your drainage layer. The activated carbon removes unwanted heavy metals, contaminants,...

    Aeschynanthus Twister Lipstick - Indoor hanging plant - ↑ 20-30 cm - Pot size Ø 15 cm


    The Aeschynanthus Twister is a special plant with long green tendrils that hang down. The leaves of the plant are curled, giving it the name “Twister”. Originally the Aeschynanthus comes...

    Alocasia Dragon Scale - ↑ 25-35 cm - Pot size Ø 12 cm


    Everyone knows the stories about dragons, bat-like and other large monsters. You can now overtake a monster of your own with this Alocasia Dragon Scale. Unlike the stories of the...

    Alocasia Red Secret houseplant - ↑ 25-35 cm - Pot size Ø 12 cm


    The Alocasia Red Secret is a houseplant that is special because of the particularly shiny metallic leaves. Truly a plant for urban jungle enthusiasts that you will rarely encounter. One...

    Alocasia Zebrina - Houseplant - ↑ 60-70 cm - Pot size Ø 17 cm


    The Alocasia Zebrina is an extremely popular and well-known houseplant. Originally the Alocasia comes from Asia where the plant grows in the rainforest. But today the Zebrina can be found...

    Aloe Vera plants - Set of 3 pieces - ↑ 20 - 30 cm - Pot size Ø 10.5 cm


    The Aloe Vera is also no stranger and you see it more and more in home & interior magazines. The Aloe Vera is best known for its healing juice. The...

    Areca Dypsis Lutescens - Indoor palm - ↑ 100-120 cm - Pot size Ø 21 cm


    The well-known and extremely popular Areca palm, also known in the Netherlands as Goudpalm, originates from the humid tropics of Madagascar. In the wild, the Areca palms can grow up...

    Avocado Lover Gift Box - AvoSeedo


    The Avocado Lover Set has everything included that you need to make the most out of your avocados. 1x AvoSeedo Avocado Growing Kit  1x 5-1 AvoSeedo Avocado Slider & Saver set 2x White...

    AvoSeedo: Growing an avocado plant yourself?


    AvoSeedo: Grow Your Own Avocado Tree Can't get the avocados at your home? Next time, don't throw the avocado kernels in the GFT waste. With the AvoSeedo, every pit grows into...

    Banana plant - Tropical houseplant - ↑ 25 - 40 cm - Pot size Ø 12 cm


    This indoor banana plant, also called the Musa Oriental Dwarf, is native to South-East Asia and Australia. It is a tropical houseplant with beautiful large leaves. The Musa Oriental Dwarf...

    Bonsai tree with S-shaped trunk - Japanese - ↑ 60-80 cm - Pot size Ø 22 cm


    Ficus Ginseng grows in the beautiful south of China and Malaysia, Ginseng is Chinese for 'root' and it takes years to form the capriciousness of the root stump.After that, the...

    Calathea 'Marion' XL - Peacock plant - ↑ 50-60 cm - Pot size Ø 21 cm


    The Calathea Marion is a very striking plant with a beautiful white pattern in the dark and light green leaves. The underside of the leaves is beautifully colored red. It...

    Calathea Lancifolia (baby)


    Green, yellow, red and a little purple? The Calathea Lancifolia is a colorful houseplant and always sticks its colorful green leaves high in the air. The underside of the beetroot...

    Calathea Makoyana - Peacock plant - ↑ 40-50 cm - Pot size Ø 21 cm


    The Calathea Makoyana has the elegance and beauty of a peacock tail, which is why it got its rather glorious name. The leaves are light green with a dark green...

    Calathea Orbifolia - 'Peacock plant' - ↑ 50-60 cm - Pot size Ø 21 cm


    The Calathea Orbifolia, also known as the Peacock Plant, is native to the rainforest of South America. This beautiful plant is currently one of the most popular houseplants and is...

    Ctenanthe 'prayer plants' - Set of 2 - ↑ 25-40 cm - Pot size Ø 12 cm


    The Ctenanthe is a plant that is native to tropical Central and South America. The plant is related to the Calathea, and has the same nice feature that the plant...

    DIY terrarium refill kit with 2/3/4 plants

    €21,95 – €27,95

    Everything you need to completely refresh or build your plant terrarium. It is of course always possible that the plants in your terrarium have started to grow just a little...

    Egg glass terrarium 17,5 X 30 cm



    Eucalyptus shrub - ↑ 45 - 55 cm - Pot size Ø 17 cm


    The leaves of this Eucalyptus have a beautiful silver-blue color and they smell wonderful. The cider gum (Eucalpytus gunnii) keeps its leaves all year round and is suitable for indoor...

    Extra long Terrarium tweezer - 26 cm - Stainless steel


    This long Terrarium tweezer is perfect for planting, moving plants and removing leaves or stones. Ideal for maintaining terrarium plants Easy to use Made from stainless steel Do you need...

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