Transformez votre maison en une
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Avec notre collection, vous pouvez transformer n'importe quelle pièce de votre maison ou de votre bureau en votre propre jungle urbaine.

  • Ensembles de terrariums

    Ensembles de terrariums

  • Plantes d'intérieur

    Plantes d'intérieur

  • Plantastic


    Imagine yourself in a green oasis in the middle of your home or office by combining large and small plants with the most beautiful green and sustainable accessories. Transform your home or workplace into an urban jungle in no time with the surprising items from our lush green collection. Get your favourite green friend and matching accessories fast!

Kits de terrariums à faire soi-même

Pas de pouce vert ? Aucun problème! Nos terrariums prennent totalement soin d'eux-mêmes.

  • Do-It-Yourself terrariums

    Do-It-Yourself terrariums

    A plant terrarium or bottled garden is a mini-ecosystem in a sealed glass bottle or jar. A plant terrarium is the perfect houseplant for dummies or let's put it another way: houseplant killers. Even if you don't have a green thumb and every other plant dies under your care, the little plants in the plant terrarium stay alive because of the self-sustaining ecosystem. 

    This new friend loves a nice bright spot in your home or office. A mini-ecosystem only needs water a few times a year because the water is reused via evaporation in the bottle. In other words, this green friend keeps itself alive. Is there a bit much condensation in the bottle? Then open the cork a little until the drops have disappeared. Do the plants in the terrarium look a bit dry? Then it is time to add a little water. 

    We have the largest collection of plant terrariums in all kinds of trendy designs. You can choose between a ready-made large mini-ecosystem or a DIY terrarium kit. Great to give or get for yourself, because self-love is important.

De superbes accessoires à offrir ❤️ et à recevoir.


A houseplant colours the room and brings life. Combine large and small plants to create a real urban jungle feeling!

With us, you will find a wide selection of fun houseplants that will bring your living room to life. There is a suitable houseplant for every type of home and lifestyle. Do you prefer a small or large plant? One with lots of leaves, greenery, flowers or spikes? Ouch! Cactus!  Will you place the plant in a sunny or shady spot? Can you handle a high-maintenance houseplant or do you prefer one that does not require a green thumb? We are sure you will find a nice plant that suits you and your interior. 

Create urban jungle 

Create urban jungle 

  • Office plants

    Office plants

    Your new colleague is green, sociable and doesn't care that you are scrolling on TikTok again while ignoring your boss's emails. Oops. 

    Much is expected of an office plant. For instance, it is expected to be able to brighten up the dull office landscape. Spoiler: it can! In addition, this plant must be able to withstand a lot. This green office buddy will get a lot of love from all colleagues one week, and the next week the holidays start and the office plant will be fighting for its life. It will also have to be able to take a fair bit of workplace gossip, telephone frustrations or bad office jokes. Moreover, the office plant needs to be a good colleague. The presence of plants in the office reduces stress and increases productivity. Sounds plantastic, right? Quickly find your new green colleagues!

Create an urban jungle in every room of your house

With urbanjungl, you can create a jungle feeling in the middle of your own home, office or any other space that could use some extra green. With the extensive collection of houseplants, plant terrariums, mini-ecosystems, garden products and the most beautiful accessories, you can create a cool urban jungle in just a few clicks. After all, plants are the new pets and pets are the new children. Hello there, brand-new plant moms and dads!

Quickly get your favourite green friend and matching accessory! Want to give a plant, terrarium or fun accessory as a gift? Then add a personalised message on a card to your order! Moreover, shipping is free in the Netherlands and Belgium on orders over 50 euros. Life is plantastic.

  • Artificial plants

    Artificial plants

    People choose artificial plants for several reasons. One of these reasons is that an artificial plant cannot wilt and always remains beautiful. For example, you may want to put a plant or several plants in a place that is difficult to reach, such as in a shop window or in a high place.

    View all artificial plants 

  • Le cadeau pour les amoureux de l'avocat !

    Le cadeau pour les amoureux de l'avocat !

    Votre collègue mange-t-il un ou plusieurs avocats à chaque pause déjeuner ?

    Vous ne pouvez pas résister à la tentation de presser chaque avocat de l'épicerie ? Ou n'y a-t-il pas de série Netflix chez vous sans un bol de chips avec du guacamole ? L'AvoSeedo est le cadeau parfait pour tout amateur d'avocat.

Pas de pouce vert ? Aucun problème!

Nos terrariums prennent totalement soin d'eux-mêmes. Dans de nombreux cas, il suffit de les arroser plusieurs fois par an. De cette façon, vous pouvez profiter d'une verdure sans fin à la maison ou au bureau. Vous obtenez toutes les bonnes choses et rien de mauvais ! Avec un mini-écosystème, vous apportez un petit biotope autonome dans votre maison. L'eau est recyclée par évaporation, l'arrosage n'est donc pas ou peu nécessaire. Super tendance et pratique, non ? Nous l'avons pensé aussi.

Nos terrariums avec plantes sont vraiment pour tout le monde et se sentent à l'aise dans n'importe quel intérieur. Bon à savoir; tous nos terrariums sont livrés sous forme de kit de terrarium DIY, vous devrez donc l'assembler vous-même après réception. Mais encore une fois pas de soucis, car nous vous expliquerons tout ce que vous devez savoir sur votre écosystème en cinq étapes.

Obtenez la main verte avec nous!

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