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Tips to care for your new plant friend

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Tips to care for your new plant friend

Just like children and pets, plants require a hearty dose of attention and love. Don't think you can go on a nice three-week vacation and then come back home to find happy plants. Your plants do need a little attention and love now and then. And by attention and love we mean more than just a few drops of water.

This is how you keep your houseplants satisfied

Let it rain, baby!

It's a real no-brainer, but surely the foundation of a happy houseplant is water on a regular basis. Check how thirsty your new plant friend is on a weekly basis and stick to it. Does potting soil look dry? Then water your plant in small bites until the soil no longer absorbs it easily. Be careful though, too much good, is never good. Just like you, your plant doesn't like having wet socks. If the potting soil is too wet, your plant may even drown and die. There are also many handy apps on the market today that help you give your plants the right amount of water at the right time. Do you manage to get your plant to dry out or drown, even with the help of an app? Then consider a plant terrarium. This mini-ecosystem maintains itself and it also looks super cute!

An extra boost for your houseplant

Sometimes water is not enough and your houseplants need that little bit extra. You can then give your plant nutrients. These nutrients can be thought of as a vitamin pill, but for plants. You can buy this in liquid form to mix with water or in small shots. It is also possible to buy the nutrients for indoor plants in stick form. You then insert these sticks into the potting soil and your houseplant will do the rest. Does your plant mate look like it needs a little pick-me-up? Then consider a serving of nutrients! Not quite sure when and how much nutrient to give your plant? Houseplants prefer a little extra nutrition during the growing period from March to October. Always read the nutrition package carefully or download a plant app to help you with this.

Remove yellow leaves

Sometimes then the leaves of a houseplant turn yellow or brown. It can help to gently remove these barren leaves. That way, your plant suddenly looks a lot fresher!

Sufficient space

Sometimes the roots of plants are so compressed to fit into a pot that the plant suffers greatly. So after purchasing your new houseplant, it's best to repot it in a large enough pot. You don't like wearing shoes that are too small either, do you? Afterwards, your plant will need a larger pot every two years. Do you notice that your plant grows faster and the roots start to shoot out in all directions? Give your plant a bigger pot. He will be grateful!

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