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Middle - 50 - 100 cm

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  • Philodendron Billetiae (Hanging Plant) ↑ 50 cm

    Philodendron Billetiae (Hanging Plant) ↑ 50 cm

    The Philodendron Billetiae, standing at a modest height of 50 cm and housed in a Ø15 cm pot, is a charming and trendy addition to any plant collection. This Philodendron is distinguished by its elongated leaves, which have a vibrant yellow-green color tending towards orange at the stem, offering a unique and striking appearance. This plant prefers a spot in the home with plenty of indirect sunlight. Direct sun can burn the leaves, so a bit of shade is ideal. The Philodendron Billetiae likes lightly moist soil but is also tolerant of occasional dryness. However, avoid letting water sit in the pot for too long to prevent root rot. This Philodendron is perfect for those looking for a plant with a distinct look, yet one that is not too demanding in terms of care.

    € 24,95

  • Monstera Thai Constellation (Swiss Cheese Plant) ↑ 50 cm

    Monstera Thai Constellation (Swiss Cheese Plant) ↑ 50 cm

    This Monstera Thai Constellation, measuring 50 cm in height and with a pot diameter of 15 cm, is a true exotic beauty. Its leaves, speckled with stunning cream-white patterns, make each plant unique and add a special, artistic touch to your space. This Monstera variant is loved for its striking leaf markings and modern appearance. Caring for this Monstera Thai Constellation is similar to other Monstera types. It enjoys bright, indirect light and moderate watering. Make sure the soil is lightly moist, but don't let it sit in water. This plant is ideal for enthusiasts of unique, decorative plants looking to make a statement in their home.

    € 100,95


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