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Dried flowers bouquets, hand-tied bouquets of dried flowers

You can vary and combine endlessly with dried flowers! A dried flower bouquet lasts for at least 5 months. Compared to fresh flowers, our dried flowers last a lot longer. Making the right choice may not make it any easier. Choose your favorite and enjoy!

Dried flowers bouquet

Large and small dried flowers in a vase? By combining dried flowers with each other, you create a beautiful and mix of dried flowers in your interior. But what should you pay attention to when purchasing your dried flower bouquet? You lay the foundation when looking at the colors in your interior. For example, if you have a neutral interior with many natural tones, choose a dried bouquet with flowers in those colours. If you have a sleek, white and trendy interior, go for a bouquet with bright and striking dried flowers.

What are dried flowers?

First of all, it is of course nice to know exactly what dried flowers are.
As the name implies, these are dried flowers. The 'normal' flowers are often fresh. This is nice in the base, but because of that they only last for a limited time. This is not the case with dried flowers. Since they are specially dried, they last a lot longer than fresh flowers. This immediately offers a number of unique advantages.

To make dried flowers from flowers, they must be suitable for this. Not every flower type is easy to dry. In total there are about 35 species that are perfect for this. In addition, there are a lot of flowers and plants that are naturally dry. For example, in a dried flower bouquet you often come across grains, dried pinecones and other 'dry' decorations.

Buy dried flowers

So do you feel that dried flowers also look good in your home or office? Does the combination of a long lifespan, minimal effort and a beautiful appearance appeal to you? Then you only have one step left at the moment; buy dried flowers. You will receive them in no time and the admiring can begin. And that for at least 5 months. For which dried flower bouquet do you decide to place an order?

Dried flowers for your company

Provide your office, reception or other space within your company with a dried flower bouquet? Would you like to surprise your employees who work from home at home with a dry bouquet composed entirely to your liking and perhaps (partly) in the company colors of your organisation? 

Dry bouquet at home

Which dry bouquet is right for you? Are you going for the romantic, bold, colorful or the natural tones? We make a number of new dried flower bouquets every season for every taste, every interior, every atmosphere, every mood and every interior or house. View the range on this page and also take a look at this page: buy dried flowers. Dried flowers at home was already an emerging trend in 2021, but in 2022 dried flowers will be even more accepted in the home, interior and office.

Dried flower stock

Just like fresh flowers, dried flowers are seasonal and often have a limited stock. That is why we put together new dry bouquets every season with care, love and passion, especially for you!

We always have an extensive range of loose dried flowers and bouquets in stock. However, it may sometimes be the case that certain dried flowers or bouquets go faster than expected and we can no longer order these dried flowers through our suppliers and partners. If certain flowers from a dried bouquet are no longer available, we will always replace this flower with a comparable flower. This way you always know that you will receive a full, beautiful and completely desired dried bouquet.


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