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Unique terrariums and small ecosystems

Unique terrariums and small ecosystems

Would you like to buy a hip and trendy plant terrarium without green fingers?

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Urban Jungle

With our sustainable, natural and green items, we turn every home into an urban green jungle. All our items are the result of a sustainable passion for nature and greenery. We do this by bringing craftsmanship and new techniques together with local markets and international urbanization. In this way we ensure that you always have a unique piece of green in your lovely and cozy home.

No green thumb? No problem! 

Our terrariums totally take care of themselves. In many cases you only have to water them several times a year. This way, can enjoy endless greenery at home or in the office. You get all of the good stuff and none of the bad! With a mini-ecosystem you bring a small, self-sustaining biotope into your home. The water is recycled through evaporation, so watering is not or hardly necessary. Super trendy and convenient, right? We thought so, too.

Our terrariums with plants are truly for everyone and feel at home in any interior. Good to know; all our terrariums are delivered as a DIY terrarium kit, so you’ll have to assemble it yourself after receipt. But again no worries, because we will explain everything you need to know about your ecosystem in five steps. 

What is the best place to put my plant terrarium?

Light is essential to the existence of your terrarium and the health of your plants. Therefore, it is more than important that you place your terrarium in a location in your home or office where it will receive adequate daylight. Be careful though; direct sunlight, bright light spots or placing your terrarium near other heat sources such as a heater is not good for your terrarium.

Good to know: 

  • North-facing windows often provide too little light.
  • Our terrariums are only suitable for indoor placement and use
  • The best temperature for your terrarium lies between 15 and 25°C. (59 - 77°F).

Watering your terrarium

The closed terrarium with plants in a bottle has its own unique microclimate. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to give it extra water, on average once every six months. Use the soil as a guide to determine the moisture level inside the pot. If the soil feels dry, you can give 5 to 10 cl of water, depending on the size of your terrarium. 

Self-sustaining ecosystems and terraria

All of our terraria are self-sustaining. This means that after you purchase or make your ecosystem, you practically don’t have to do anything to your made ecosystem. Are they 100% self-sustaining ecosystems/terrariums? No, they’re not. Like everything else in the house, you'll of course need to give them some attention from time to time, and a splash of water can’t hurt to ensure the survival of your self-sustaining plant terrarium. Should one of the plants in your terrarium not make it to the finish line, you can simply buy new terrarium plants at your local garden center. Not sure which plants to buy for your terrarium? Feel free to contact us.

How to care for a terrarium with plants

A mini-ecosystem with plant is a self-sustaining biotope. They therefore need little or no maintenance. But a little attention and maintenance now and then can't hurt and that's why we always recommend to turn your terrarium every two weeks a quarter turn, so all plants in the bottle get even and sufficient daylight and you can enjoy your ecosystem with plants for years to come.

DIY terrarium kit

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) terrariums are totally hip and trendy. The nice thing about these packages is that you can create your own ecosystem at home or at the office with colleagues. After placing your order you will receive updates on the order status by e-mail or text message and after a few days you will receive a solid box with everything you need to make your own mini-ecosystem. Follow the clear and simple step-by-step plan and in no time you will have a true eye-catcher in your home. Not a green thumb? Don't worry! The step-by-step plan consists of 5 steps and everything is clearly and neatly described so you can make such a beautiful terrarium as shown in our shop.

Give a plant terrarium as a present!

While ordering your plant terrarium you can fill in separate shipping and invoice information and only the email address you filled in will receive the invoice in his or her mailbox. This way you can be sure that the person you give the terrarium to will not receive the invoice. Difficulties making a choice? Don’t buy a plant terrarium as a gift but give a gift card or houseplant of from urbanjngl as a gift. Our gift cards come in different values. Creative activity for your children's party? Get to work with the kids to make their own terrarium with plants, teach them about nature and give them a fun keepsake to take home!  Add a urbanjngl card with personel note to you order.

Plant terrarium

Terrariums with plants come in all shapes and sizes, you can buy them ready-made, make them yourself, have them assembled or you buy a complete Do-It-Yourself (DIY) terrarium package from urbanjngl. After you’ve chosen the shape of your terrarium and have decided to buy a DIY terrarium, place the product in your shopping cart, fill in your own details and pay online. After purchasing your terrarium with plants you will receive a confirmation by email and after a few days our courier will be at your door to deliver your ordered ecosystem neatly in a sturdy box. Convenient, right? Questions about your order or the care of your terrarium? Please contact us via the contact form.

Light and condensation in your terrarium

The right light is essential for the health of your terrarium. It is important that the plants do not receive too little light which could cause them to go mouldy, or too much light which could cause the plants to burn. So place your terrarium close to a window, but avoid direct sunlight and for an even distribution of light turn it a quarter every 2 weeks. Sometimes there is too much condensation and the plants are barely visible. In that case you can open your terrarium for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the excess moisture to evaporate. Does the condensation keep coming back? Try moving it to another place.

How to care for a terrarium

A glas terrarium with plant is a self-sustaining biotope. They therefore need little or no maintenance. But a little attention and maintenance now and then can't hurt and that's why we always recommend to turn your ecosystem every two weeks a quarter turn, so all plants in the bottle get even and sufficient daylight and you can enjoy your ecosystem with plants for years to come.

Making a plant ecosystem/terrarium yourself

Our plant terrarium come in two different forms; completely made in our plant workshop or as a DIY ecosystem where you create your own ecosystem with plants. After placing your order you will receive at home everything you need to build your ecosystem in a sturdy cardboard box. This box of course contains all the supplies for your self-sustaining plant world but also a clear and comprehensive step-by-step plan to follow during the creation of your mini-ecosystem. Follow the steps and you can make your own ecosystem, even if you don’t have a green thumb. Convenient, right? Read all about the care of your mini-ecosystem with plants in bottle her

Terrarium: The perfect gift for any holiday!

Are you looking for a creative and unique gift for your friends and family? Then a terrarium is just the right gift for you! These easy-to-maintain small indoor plants are suitable for everyone, regardless of their experience in gardening. It's not just friends of nature who love this low-maintenance mini greenhouse. The miniature ecosystem is a gift your friends and family can enjoy all year long. You can literally watch your own mini garden grow, thanks to the elegant glass container.
And moreover, it doesn't require the recipient to have an outdoor space. It is a real eye-catcher for any little space or room, and the recipient will enjoy it and remember you. Read on to learn more about the perfect gift for any holiday. Easter, Mother's Day, Fathers Day or a sustainable Christmas gift? A terrarium is the perfect gift! 

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