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Terrarium plants

Terrarium plants

We have a large collection of terrarium plants for your plant terrarium or mini-ecosystem. The terrarium plants have been carefully selected so that they are the best match for growing and thriving in a mini-ecosystem.

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  • Ficus microcarpa ginseng bonsai - ↑20 cm

    Ficus microcarpa ginseng bonsai - ↑20 cm

    The Ficus Ginseng Bonsai, also known as Ficus "Microcarpa Fig".  This 20 cm high small mini tree does best in a moist environment. It may be small now, but with enough love and the right conditions, these cute mini trees can grow up to 300 meters. Height: 20 cm  Water: 1x per week Light: direct/indirect sunlight Need a size smaller? View Ficus ginseng bonsai microcarpa ↑15 cm

    € 14,95

  • Asparagus setaceus: the asparagus setaceus, just as the name itself suggests, descends from the asparagus plant. No, you will not be able to harvest asparagus from the baby asparagus in your mini-ecosystem. However, because of its bright green colour and fluffy leaves, this plant does contribute to the fresh and lively look of your plant terrarium. The asparagus setaceus requires little water, but likes moist soil.

  • Calathea: this plant is the star of your mini-ecosystem. The leaves of the Calathea look like they are hand-painted. This terrarium plant is a real work of art. Moreover, this little plant likes high humidity and will therefore thrive well in a terrarium. The Calathea is a must-have in your bottled garden!

  • Coffea Arabica: coffee, anyone? The Coffea Arabica is the world's oldest coffee plant, but don't expect a delicious cup of homegrown coffee as the beans are not edible. Otherwise, this plant does make a nice addition to the plant terrarium. With the baby Coffea Arabica you can expect a sturdy little plant with shiny leaves.

  • Fern: the leaves of the baby fern curl beautifully and give a dynamic look to your plant terrarium. A fern will thrive very well in an enclosed ecosystem. Did you know that the fern is one of the oldest species of plant on Earth? So shall we tell you another secret? In an ecosystem, the baby fern can live for a very long time. Thanks to your bottled garden, the oldest plant on Earth will definitely not go extinct.

  • Ficus Ginseng Bonsai: Bonsai means 'plant in pot' and is a Japanese traditional art form in which miniature trees were grown in pots. The Ficus Ginseng Bonsai is the easy variety of the well-known Bonsai. The Ficus Ginseng Bonsai is barely 15 cm tall when purchased, but give it some love and you will be amazed at its growth potential! This beautiful, green plant with small leaves and a thick stem is a real asset for your bottled garden.

  • Red Fittonia: The Fittonia or nerve plant is a small, fun plant with green leaves and red veins. This terrarium plant is guaranteed to bring colour to your plant terrarium. Moreover, this plant has few care requirements. The perfect bottled garden plant!

  • White Fittonia: Sublime silver veins on a fresh green leaf, that's how you recognise the White Fittonia. This plant likes indirect light and moist soil.


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