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Sustainable Christmas gift for your customers, friends, family and business partners.

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Sustainable Christmas gift for your customers, friends, family and business partners.

The sustainable Christmas gift for your customers, friends, and business partners.

Are you looking for a unique and sustainable Christmas gift for your customers, business partners, or friends? And you want to avoid giving away the typical bouquet of flowers or something that ends up in the trash or gathers dust on the shelf? Then our (DIY) terrariums are the perfect Christmas gift for you this season! Our terrariums are easy to care for and a real eye-catcher. This miniature ecosystem in elegant glass containers makes an excellent gift for customers, business partners, or friends, especially during the cold season. Read on to learn how to create your own terrarium or give practical DIY bottle garden sets as gifts.

What is a terrarium bottle garden ecosystem?

Terrariums are small indoor plants in a glass container. These substitute gardens for indoor spaces are easy to maintain and add a touch of greenery, fresh air, and nature to any office, especially at Christmas time. They also have several other benefits. For example, green terrariums can help clean the air by absorbing pollutants like carbon dioxide. They also help increase humidity in any small space or office, benefiting people with dry skin or respiratory problems.

What plants are suitable for a terrarium as a Christmas gift?

Due to little space inside and lack of sunlight during winter, not all plants are suitable for the mini greenhouse in a glass container. The size of the container dictates how many plants and potting soil you can fit. Some of the best plants for a wintertime terrarium are succulents, cacti, ivy, and ferns.
Succulents are low-maintenance plants that store excess water in their leaves, ideal for dry conditions.
Cacti are also well suited to dry conditions and can tolerate direct sunlight.
Ivy is a climbing plant that is known to thrive in shady areas. On the other hand, Ferns require high humidity and moisture and prefer filtered light. For more information on the different types of plants, visit our store.

A (DIY) terrarium with plants is a unique Christmas gift for your customers.

A terrarium with plants is a great gift for your customers. Bottle gardens are easy to maintain and adapt to any home or office. Bottle gardens are perfect for small spaces, such as desks or windowsills. The bottle garden ecosystem usually requires very little water or moisture. It is content to be placed on a sunny windowsill or under fluorescent lights.

Terrariums bring a touch of nature to any environment and can help purify the air.

This mini garden is ideal for busy people with little time who want to enjoy the benefits of suitable plants without having to water them every day. Bottle gardens attract attention on the desk or as office decoration and keep you in your customers' minds.

So, this holiday season, give your clients or business partners a highlight in greenery with a beautiful mini ecosystem in an elegant glass. With proper care, a bottle garden can last for years, and your customers will appreciate the bottle garden for years to come. And the best of it? You don't need an outdoor space to enjoy a suitable garden.

Gift terrariums as a DIY set or already put together

To give the gift of a mini-ecosystem in a jar, you have several options. On the one hand, you can create a terrarium yourself. Start by finding a suitable pot. Try to stay clear of plastic bottles. A clear jar also works because it provides plenty of light and direct sun for the plants. Fill the bottom of the bottle with potting mix, pea gravel, activated charcoal, or small stones to provide drainage. Then fill the pot with soil and plant the suitable plants. Lastly, seal the bottle garden with a lid or other cover. You can find numerous websites and tips for your DIY bottle garden on the Internet.

Don't want to get your hands dirty? You will find DIY Sets and terrariums kits in our online store. Send them directly to your best customers and business partners this Christmas time.

When you want to send a substitute garden to your clients, you have two options. You can either order a DIY terrarium set with step-by-step instructions. Your customer gets to then put the bottle garden together. The DIY sets contain all the ingredients needed to develop the bottle garden ecosystem. It's a fun activity that does not require any prior planting knowledge.

Another option is to send ready-made bottle gardens in elegant glass containers directly to your customers, business partners, or friends.

Let our online store inspire you and choose the appropriate plant for the right customer. When your order exceeds €69, shipping costs within Netherlands, Germany and Belgium are free. We can send the DIY sets directly to your selected business partners or friends. Or we can ship the finished terrarium straight to your company location.

Our terrarium Christmas sets are the perfect gifts for the eco-conscious friend on your Christmas list. Make a unique B2B gift for your customers and business partners. Our bottle garden gifts include everything you need to give your loved ones or business partners a bottle garden of their own.

Christmas gifts are either thrown away after only a few days

Most Christmas gifts are either thrown away after only a few days, or gather dust on the shelf. With a terrarium, you gift a sustainable present that your customer or acquaintance will enjoy for a long time. With just a bit of sunlight and water, the plants inside the bottle will grow and thrive. So order your bottle garden Christmas package from our store today and give the gift of a sustainable item that will fit in any apartment, home, or office!

Christmas gifts collection 2022

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