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Moss products

Moss products

Are you looking for a unique piece of art and do you want it to be green and sustainable? Then our moss products might be for you. Our moss paintings, moss panels and moss walls consist of 100% real moss and are handmade. A moss artwork is a real eyecatcher for any interior, whether in the office, in your business or simply at home. 

A moss painting, panel or wall is also sound-absorbing. A perfect item for your waiting room, lobby, corridor or office. A moss painting or wall is very easy to maintain and requires little attention. Besides, it gives a fresh touch to your wall.

Moss products

  • Lebendes Kissenmoos | Premium frisches lebendes Moos für Terrarien • Bun Moss • Kissenmoos

    Lebendes Kissenmoos | Premium frisches lebendes Moos für Terrarien • Bun Moss • Kissenmoos

    Dieses schöne lebende Polstermoos (oder Brötchenmoos) ist perfekt für die Gestaltung Ihres nächsten Terrarienprojekts! Verwenden Sie es, um kleine Hügel oder Hügel zu schaffen oder um grasbewachsene Felder im Miniaturformat nachzuahmen. Dieses Moos ist gebrauchsfertig. Kleine Tasche: 2-3 Stück Mittlere Tasche:  4-5 Stück Große Tüte: 6-8 Stück   Schöne, unterschiedliche Grüntöne verleihen diesem lebendigen echten Moos eine fast magische Qualität; Schneiden Sie jedes Stück auf die Größe zu, die Sie für Ihr Terrariendesign benötigen. Gehen Sie vorsichtig damit um, dass die Klumpen intakt bleiben. Drücken Sie das Polstermoos eng aneinander, damit es seine charakteristische Brötchenform behält.Dieses lebende Polstermoos eignet sich gut, wenn es direkt auf Mutterboden, Kieselsteine, Kies oder Sand gelegt wird, solange es dort vorhanden ist ist eine ausreichende Drainage unter der Pflanze. Halten Sie die Feuchtigkeit bei Bedarf durch regelmäßiges Besprühen aufrecht.Moosbrötchen haben einen Durchmesser von 8 bis 20 cm. Stücke unterschiedlicher Größe werden nach dem Zufallsprinzip und entsprechend unserer Verfügbarkeit ausgewählt.

What is a moss painting or moss panel?

A moss painting is a collection of different mosses within a frame or shape on the wall. The mosses used for a moss painting are: reindeer moss, sphere moss and, optionally, artificial plants and coloured reindeer moss. A moss panel can be applied to both the wall and ceiling.

What is a moss wall?

A moss wall is not to be confused with a moss painting. With a moss wall, an entire wall or a large section of a wall is covered with moss. We do this by completely covering a wooden board with moss and then hanging it up.

The benefits of moss in your interiors

If you are looking for an original and innovative way to integrate greenery into your interior, opting for a moss wall, moss panel or moss painting could be a nice option. Moss products are becoming increasingly popular and there is a good reason for that. For instance, a moss artwork not only looks nice, but also brings numerous benefits that will surely convince you to get a moss artwork in your home!

A green boost for your interior

A moss artwork has a unique, elegant and even sophisticated look. It differs from all other plants because moss is one of the few plants that does not need potting soil to survive and grow, which is why it is possible to create art with moss. Recently, there has been an increase in the use of moss in the form of artworks and other moss products. It is a creative addition to the interior of your office, business or home. You don't come across a moss wall, painting or panel every day, so you can be sure that your moss artwork will be the topic of the day for visitors.

The advantages of moss

Besides the fact that a moss wall, panel or painting looks tremendously nice, the moss plant also provides a lot of benefits. For example, moss is a low-maintenance plant, making it the perfect plant of choice for people without a green thumb. Moss needs no water, nutrients or potting soil to survive. In addition, moss also acts as an air purifier and protects against bacteria and mould. And just for that reason, moss artwork is also a functional addition to a restaurant or office restrooms. Also for those with hay fever, grass allergy or any other green allergy, moss is a good choice where the plant is hypoallergenic. Moreover, moss is also sound-absorbing and helps keep the temperature and humidity in a room stable.

Time for moss

So in addition to the beautiful look of a moss artwork, moss also brings a whole host of other benefits. A moss product is becoming increasingly popular as people are also starting to think more sustainable and greener. Get a moss product in your home now and surprise your employees and visitors. You can find a wide range of moss products in our webshop. Would you like a personalized moss product? Then don't hesitate to contact us.

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