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Extra Large XL - >130 cm

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  • Dracaena Warneckei Carrousel (Dragon Tree) ↑ 140 cm

    Dracaena Warneckei Carrousel (Dragon Tree) ↑ 140 cm

    The Dracaena Warneckei Carrousel, standing at an impressive height of 140 cm and housed in a Ø31 cm pot, is a stylish and soothing addition to any interior. Known as the 'Dragon Tree', it stands out with its striped green leaves that create a calming, natural atmosphere in any room. The Dracaena Warneckei Carrousel is an ideal choice for places in the home where the light is softer. While this plant can survive in low-light conditions, it thrives best in indirect sunlight. In terms of water needs, the Dracaena is quite forgiving and doesn't require much. Ensure the soil dries out slightly between waterings. This Dracaena is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of green to their space without the care of a demanding plant.

    € 154,95

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