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Moss walls

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  • Live Cushion Moss - Premium Fresh Moss - Bun Moss - Pillow Moss

    Live Cushion Moss - Premium Fresh Moss - Bun Moss - Pillow Moss

    This lovely live cushion moss (or bun moss) is perfect for creating your next terrarium project! Use it to create little mounds or hills, or to mimic grassy fields in miniature. This moss is ready for use. Beautiful varying shades of green give this vibrant real moss an almost magical quality; trim each piece to the size you require for your terrarium design. Handle with care to ensure the clumps remain intact. Snug the cushion moss up against each other to keep their distinctive “bun” shape.This live cushion moss will do fine placed directly on topsoil, pebbles, gravel or sand as long as there is adequate drainage beneath the plant. Maintain humidity with regular misting, as required.Moss buns range between 8cm-20cm diameter. Pieces of differing sizes are selected at random and according to what we have available.

  • Veera - Moss wall tile - Green - 25 x 25 cm - Square - Moss panel

    Veera - Moss wall tile - Green - 25 x 25 cm - Square - Moss panel

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    Our modular 25x25 cm square moss wall tiles are designed to fit into any interior. With this unique and versatile moss solution you will have created your own moss wall in no time, at home and at the office! Create a mix of nature, greenery, tranquility and Scandinavian design in every room. Moss wall installation and maintenance The adhesive strip on the back of each tile makes installation very easy. The durable adhesive strip is just as easy to remove as to apply if desired and leaves no glue residue or traces.And best of all? Our reindeer moss tiles do not require any maintenance. Water, pruning and sunlight are not necessary - this way you can enjoy a beautiful piece of nature endlessly and without green fingers and you create a super user-friendly, atmospheric and modular urban jungle in every room. Specificatie Size: 25 x 25 cm (p/pcs) Height: 2 - 4 cm Color: Dark green Mounting: With sturdy adhesive strip on the back (included) Material: Moss, MDF wood Type of moss: Finnish reindeer moss Details: Quality moss from Finland

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With a moss wall you bring nature inside

In today's world, where technology and urbanization have taken over, we sometimes crave a touch of natural serenity. Fortunately, there is a trend that brings nature indoors in a contemporary yet elegant way - moss walls. This green and vibrant wall covering is quickly gaining popularity in various settings, from home environments to offices, catering establishments, hotels and more. Discover how moss walls can create a refreshing and soothing ambiance without falling into clichéd descriptions.

An urban jungle: Moss walls for the home

In a world where haste and hectic often prevail, it is essential to create a sanctuary of calm at home. Moss walls offer a unique way to cultivate a soothing atmosphere without the hassle of plant care. These natural works of art can add a touch of freshness to living rooms, bedrooms and even hallways. They require no water or sunlight, making them ideal for people with busy lifestyles. Choose from different colors and textures to create a moss wall that fits perfectly with your interior.

An urban jungle in the office: Moss walls for your company

The office garden is evolving with the arrival of moss walls. Forget boring partition walls and uninspired furnishings. Moss walls offer an aesthetic and functional solution for modern offices. They can not only provide a visual appeal to employees, but also improve acoustics and promote a sense of well-being. Moss walls allow employees to enjoy a green environment without leaving their desk. The natural elements contribute to stress reduction and can stimulate creativity and productivity.

Moss wall for catering and hotels

From chic restaurants to cozy cafes and luxurious hotels, moss walls are a striking addition to the ambiance. They can create a sense of calm and comfort for guests while providing a striking design element. The versatile nature of moss walls makes them suitable for any furnishing style - from contemporary to rustic. In addition, moss walls can make a sustainability statement, which is becoming increasingly important in the hospitality sector.

Adaptable and creative: Moss walls in all rooms

The best thing about moss walls is their adaptability. They can be custom made to meet specific design requirements. Whether you want an impressive moss wall as an eye-catcher or a subtle and refined addition to your space, the possibilities are endless. Combine different moss types and textures to create a unique pattern that matches the aesthetic of your space. With the right lighting, moss walls can come even more to life, creating a visual spectacle.

A sustainable choice for a greener future

In addition to their aesthetic and functional benefits, moss walls also contribute to sustainability. Because they require no maintenance and consume no natural resources, they are an environmentally responsible choice for interior decoration. By choosing moss walls you contribute to the preservation of the natural world and reduce the ecological footprint.

Moss walls offer a contemporary and stylish way to bring nature into different spaces. Whether you want to create an oasis of peace in your home, promote a productive atmosphere in the office, or enhance the ambiance of your catering facility or hotel, moss walls offer countless possibilities. With their adaptability, durability and artistic appeal, moss walls are much more than just a decorative element – they are a statement of connection to nature in a modern world. Experience the freshness and vitality of moss walls and transform your space in a unique and inspiring way.

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