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Father's Day

Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner and it's time to pay your dad a visit with an original gift.

Not sure what to get, or is your dad simply a plant lover? Show your dad how much you appreciate him and surprise him with an original gift, such as a beautiful plant terrarium. Or choose from other great gifts like plant sprayers, houseplants and more! Whether it's for your dad, grandfather, father-in-law, brother, or friend, with our personally selected Father's Day gifts, you're in the right place!

  • Bonsai tree (Globe Shape) Ø15cm - ↑ 30cm

    Bonsai tree (Globe Shape) Ø15cm - ↑ 30cm

    Discover the charm of the Bonsai Globe Shape, a plant that instantly brings a special ambiance to any room with its unique shape and size. Standing at a height of 30 cm and with a diameter of 15 cm, this bonsai is a perfect blend of natural beauty and artistic design. It awaits to enrich your living or working space with its vibrant green and stylized appearance. The Bonsai Globe Shape thrives in a spot with indirect sunlight; direct sunlight can harm its delicate leaves. It prefers a consistently moist soil but does not like its roots to be waterlogged. Water it once a week, depending on the soil's moisture level, and you will see how this little green friend flourishes. This bonsai offers a wonderful opportunity to introduce the art of patience and care into your daily routine, while continually surprising with its form and vitality.


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