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Extra Large XL - >130 cm

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  • Dracaena White Stripe (Dragon Blood Tree) ↑ 170cm

    Dracaena White Stripe (Dragon Blood Tree) ↑ 170cm

    The Dracaena 'White Stripe' is a real eye-catcher for your interior. With its striped leaves and impressive height of 170 cm, housed in a pot size of Ø27 cm, it's unmissable. This green giant is not just beautiful, but also surprisingly low-maintenance. It thrives in a bright spot, but be careful with direct sunlight, as that's not its thing. A place where sunlight is filtered will suit it well. As for watering, this Dracaena is not demanding. A modest amount of water now and then suffices to keep it content. In short, the Dracaena 'White Stripe' is a stylish and easy-care addition to any interior.

    € 118,95

  • Scindapsus Pictus Trebie (Dragon Ivy) ↑ 160cm

    Scindapsus Pictus Trebie (Dragon Ivy) ↑ 160cm

    The Scindapsus Pictus 'Trebie' is a unique pyramid-shaped plant that undoubtedly deserves a special spot in your home. Standing proudly at 160 cm and nestled in a Ø27 cm pot, this houseplant brings a touch of natural elegance to your living space. The 'Trebie' is an easy companion. It loves indirect light and can even thrive in less lit corners of your house. Be careful with too much sun; this green gem prefers a softer approach. In terms of water needs, the Scindapsus Pictus 'Trebie' is quite flexible. A regular sip of water suffices, but ensure that its roots don't sit in water. This green beauty is perfect for anyone wanting to bring a hint of greenery into their home without too much fuss.

    € 69,95

  • Dracaena Cintho (Dragon Tree) ↑ 150 cm

    Dracaena Cintho (Dragon Tree) ↑ 150 cm

    The Dracaena Cintho, also known as Dragon Tree, stands out with a height of 150 cm. This robust plant, housed in a Ø27cm pot, is a statement piece and adds an exotic touch to any interior. The Dracaena Cintho is a true survivor and requires little from you. A place with light to partial shade is ideal for this green friend. It's not fond of direct sunlight, making it perfect for less illuminated spots in the house. Its water requirement is low; it prefers a dry clump between watering. This makes the Dracaena Cintho an ideal choice for anyone who loves indoor greenery but doesn't have the time or opportunity to devote much attention to plant care.

    € 90,95

  • Calathea Oppenheimiana (Peacock Plant) ↑ 140 cm

    Calathea Oppenheimiana (Peacock Plant) ↑ 140 cm

    The Calathea Oppenheimiana, an exotic beauty, catches the eye with its unique, striped leaves. Standing at a height of 140 cm and housed in a Ø27 cm pot, it makes a striking addition to any interior. The Calathea is not just a decorative plant but also known for its air-purifying properties, making it a healthy choice for home or office. This Calathea prefers a spot out of direct sunlight, where it can enjoy filtered light. This makes it ideal for spaces with less natural light. Watering requires a bit of attention; the soil should remain lightly moist, but beware of overwatering. The Calathea Oppenheimiana is a great option for the plant enthusiast looking for something special, something that is both visually appealing and beneficial for air quality.

    € 82,95

  • Caryota Mitis (Fishtail Palm) ↑ 140 cm

    Caryota Mitis (Fishtail Palm) ↑ 140 cm

    The Caryota Mitis, standing at 140 cm and nestled in a Ø27 cm pot, is also known as the 'Fishtail Palm'. This unique palm brings a tropical feel to any space with its distinctive, feathered leaves that resemble a fishtail. This palm is ideal for a spot in your home where the light is bright but indirect. Direct sunlight can damage the delicate leaves of the Caryota Mitis, while too little light can limit its growth. In terms of water needs, the Caryota Mitis is not demanding; it suffices to keep the soil lightly moist. However, overwatering should be avoided to prevent root rot. The Caryota Mitis is a beautiful choice for those looking to bring an exotic touch to their interior without the need for intensive care.

    € 109,95

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