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Extra Large XL - >130 cm

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  • Dracaena White Stripe (Dragon Blood Tree) ↑ 170cm

    Dracaena White Stripe (Dragon Blood Tree) ↑ 170cm

    The Dracaena 'White Stripe' is a real eye-catcher for your interior. With its striped leaves and impressive height of 170 cm, housed in a pot size of Ø27 cm, it's unmissable. This green giant is not just beautiful, but also surprisingly low-maintenance. It thrives in a bright spot, but be careful with direct sunlight, as that's not its thing. A place where sunlight is filtered will suit it well. As for watering, this Dracaena is not demanding. A modest amount of water now and then suffices to keep it content. In short, the Dracaena 'White Stripe' is a stylish and easy-care addition to any interior.

    € 118,95

  • Yucca Elephantipes (Yucca) ↑ 170cm

    Yucca Elephantipes (Yucca) ↑ 170cm

    Introduce a touch of natural grandeur with the Yucca Elephantipes, a Yucca plant reaching a stately height of 170cm. Known for its striking architectural form and sword-like leaves, this botanical masterpiece adds a bold and sculptural element to any indoor setting. Whether as a standalone focal point or incorporated into a contemporary design, the Yucca Elephantipes thrives in various indoor light conditions. With its commanding height and resilient nature, this Yucca plant becomes a statement piece, infusing your home or office with a touch of desert-inspired elegance. Embrace the dramatic beauty of the Yucca Elephantipes, transforming your interior into a haven of botanical sophistication.

    € 394,95

  • Often bought together with

    Often bought together with

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