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  • indoor plants for urban jungle

How do you create your own urban jungle?

Do you ever dream of a place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of life? A place where you can disconnect yourself and enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer in peace? That place is closer than you think. Turning your living room, garden, balcony, office or business into a green oasis is child's play. Your own urban jungle is waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

An urban what?

An urban jungle is a green environment in your home, garden or balcony. It is a green oasis of calm in the middle of the city centre or anywhere you could use that extra bit of greenery. The atmosphere of an urban jungle is much like a real, wild jungle. To achieve the urban jungle look, combine a selection of large and small plants with the right furniture and accessories. You can create your own urban jungle in no time at a location of your choice.

Your own urban jungle in five steps

1. Plants, plants and even more plants!

You never have enough plants, take it from us. For the real wild jungle vibe, you need at least 25 plants. In all shapes, sizes, scents and colours. Combine a wild rubber plant, a tropical Monstera and the colourful Calathea or go for elephant ear combined with the Kentia palm and banana plant. The crazier and more chaotic, the better. Put your new plant friends in a nice pot and witness the first steps to your own urban jungle. The best urban jungle houseplants can be found in our very own online store!

2. Highs and lows

A row of plants of the same size next to each other does not give a feral effect. Instead, choose to mix large and small plants for a playful look. Do not only choose plants that you can place on the ground, but also think in terms of heights. A nice hanging plant on the cupboard, on the washing machine or on a shelf against the wall also looks great. Don't forget to decorate your desk, countertop and table with one or more plants.

3. The right furniture

A wonderfully soft sofa or a blissfully relaxing armchair to dream away in cannot be missing in your oasis of calm. Choose furniture in natural materials with soothing colours such as earth tones and wood colours. A standout in a bright colour such as olive green or yellow ochre also fits nicely into the urban jungle atmosphere.

4. Sufficient accessories

Plants? Check. A dreamy couch? Check. Time for a little decorating. Choose cute flower pots in earth tones, decorative pillows or plaids in pretty colours and botanical prints on the wall. A stack of coffee table books in a tropical or wild theme, a lovely forest-scented scented candle or a burlap rug also add to the look. The advantage of an urban jungle is that this interior style is allowed to be chaotic. The rule "the more, the better" certainly applies here.

5. Eyecatcher

Every interior needs an eyecatcher. An item that makes mouths fall open and makes you feel great every time. Think of a hammock, hanging chair or swing in the middle of the room. Or a houseplant that grows as much as 4 meters high and 2 meters wide. Or perhaps a beautifully lit plant terrarium that keeps itself alive. Whatever you choose, an eyecatcher is an original object that you don't see just anywhere.

These five steps will transform your living space, business or office into a true urban jungle in no time. Come on wild thing, time to fly in! Here are the best items for your own urban jungle!

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