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Houseplant tips

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Houseplant tips

Houseplants are the new pets and pets are the new children. That's how the world works out now. We all want to be the very best plant mom or dad for our beloved plants, but that's not always easy plants, like pets, require attention. That's why it's important to choose a plant that fits your lifestyle. After all, you don't adopt a big dog if you live in a small city apartment either. We help you choose the houseplant that suits you best!

Which houseplant suits me?

It's not the greatest idea to choose a houseplant based solely on appearance. Of course you like something beautiful, but if you choose the wrong plant for your lifestyle, it won't last long. For example, it's best not to choose a Philodendron if you have three curious cats who like to bite running around your house. Or best not put a plant that likes shade in front of a south-facing window in full sun. It sounds simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a new houseplant. Ask yourself the following questions before diving into our online shop:

Where will I put my plant?

This is the main question you should ask yourself when choosing a plant. Depending on this answer, the following questions almost resolve themselves. Will you go for a houseplant for your living space, bedroom, office or business? Will the plant be on the table or on the ground? Should it be an eyecatcher or can it be just a little more subtle? First, decide where your new plant friend will have its home base.

How much light will my plant be exposed to?

Some plants require a lot of sunlight, others a little less, and some can spend entire days in the shade. It is best not to put a plant in a dark environment with few or no windows, because no green friend will be happy there. In full sun is another extreme where you usually won't make your plants very happy. So the spot you pick for your plant is important. A Monstera, for example, does not like standing behind a south-facing window. A Sansevieria, on the other hand, enjoys just that. To avoid the imminent death of your houseplant, think about how much sunlight the plant will get in a day.

What should be the size of the plant?

A plant for on your desk, table or cabinet has a smaller size than a houseplant that you will place on the floor in a room. Also keep in mind to offer your houseplant a large enough pot. Your new friend's roots like to have some space, and besides, your plant will also grow well. If you take good care of it, at least.

Houseplants vs Pets?

Most houseplants are poisonous when consumed. With some, even the leaves or pollen from any flowers are incredibly toxic to animals. Do you have a curious cat or hungry dog? If so, think carefully about what kind of houseplant you take into your home. Tip: The banana plant, Calathea, grass lily and Kentia palm are all non-toxic to your faithful four-legged friend! 

How much attention can I give my new friend?

Is the plant in your office, home or business? Where do you spend the most time? Will your plant buddy get a lot of attention or little attention? Some plants can easily survive with a trickle of water every two weeks, while others demand water and love every day. So think consciously because your houseplants also have a heart.

Go shopping!

Now that you've thought carefully about the future living conditions of your new houseplant, it's time to go shopping. In our online store you will find a wide range of the very best houseplants in Europe. 

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