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  • Sale -23% Terrarium DIY Kit - Little Joe - Bottle Garden - ↑ 21.5 cm

    Terrarium DIY Kit - Little Joe - Bottle Garden - ↑ 21.5 cm

    Terrarium with plants in jar with cork lid With a plant terrarium from urbanjngl, you get a real eyecatcher in your home or office. You do not need to have a green thumb or plant knowledge to enjoy this beautiful piece of nature in your home or office. Our plant terrariums are completely self-sufficient and watering is often only necessary a few times a year. Size: Ø 20 cm ↑ 21.5 cm A plant terrarium looks beautiful, is self-sufficient and sustainable. Moreover, it is also fun to put together your own piece of nature. A lovely Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit with everything you need to put together your own plant terrarium. Get to work quickly to enjoy your own mini-jungle! What’s in the package?  Terrarium Plants; Fittonia Asparagus Plenty of fresh green moss Hydro pellets  Activated carbon  Terrarium potting soil Step-by-step plan for creating your closed terrarium Care tips Do-It-yourself packageOur plant terrariums come as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) package. Upon receipt, you will assemble your new green friend in no time using the easy 5-step plan. But don't worry, everything you need to know about your plant terrarium is explained to you in 5 simple steps. Sustainable patch of greenOur plants and mosses grow on a bed of love at our nursery. They are selected with the greatest care and undergo a quality check in our own plant workshop. So you can always assume that our plants and mosses are of the best quality and have taken the shortest possible route. So you can be sure of making a sustainable choice and we guarantee you the best quality you can enjoy for years to come.  Gift tipWe understand that you would prefer to keep our plant terrariums yourself, but they are also great fun to give as gifts. A family member, friend, colleague, business associate, acquaintance or maybe even the teacher: you will make them all equally happy. Quick links to create an urban jungle Terrariums Houseplants Terrarium plants Moss products Terrarium supplies

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