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  • Are you our next <br>reseller in Europe?

    Are you our next
    reseller in Europe?

    Do you have your own shop or network in which you can sell our products? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

  • A special business gift

    A special business gift

    We take care of your plants, like we take care of you, your employees and your business relations.

  • Christmas hampers and gifts

    Christmas hampers and gifts

    A sustainable and green Christmas hamper or gift for your company?

Grow your business relationship!

We love what we do and we do this for you and your business. Our plants grow up with love from our people and that's why they have a long and healthy life. The people who grow your business deserve to be rewarded for doing so. With a terrarium you give a sustainable and long-lasting gift, and they will love it!

In our plant studio we make terrariums every day for large and small companies. We send these as a Do-It-Yourself kit or ready-made by our people throughout Europe.

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  • Your logo on the cork lid<br> 🍾

    Your logo on the cork lid

    Your logo on the top of every terrarium! It doesn't get any more sustainable!

  • We pack everything well and sustainably<br>

    We pack everything well and sustainably

    Just like you , your customers or employees, sustainability is important to us. That is why we package everything in a sustainable way, without using plastic.

  • Everyone deserves a <br>special gift

    Everyone deserves a
    special gift

    No worries about shipping or packaging. We will arrange that for you.

Sustainable gifts

Are you looking for a special promotional gift that will appeal to you and that will not just be forgotten by your customers, relations or employees? With a (DIY) plant terrarium you give a lasting and sustainable gift that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Sustainability has become extremely important in recent years, not only for consumer, but also for the businesses. This has made it increasingly important for an organisation to present itself as a sustainable company and to project this to the outside world. The terms eco (ecological), organic, green and sustainable are increasingly used in and we see that both companies and consumers find them more and more important.

For the business market we have many sustainable promotional gifts to be able to supply a suitable and sustainable plant arrangement, promotional gift, Christmas package or gift voucher package for every organisation. The future is green and sustainable.

Christmas gift or New Year's gift?

December, the moment to think about employees and business relations for the successful collaboration, a thank you for their efforts or a moment to draw the attention of your relations again.

With a sustainable Christmas gift or New Year's gift you give a green eco gift that the recipient will enjoy for a long time and the possibilities are endless. Is your organisation going for a DIY plant terrarium or a ready-made terrarium and delivered sustainable Christmas, New Year's or promotional gift? With or without a logo brand on the cork or a personal (Christmas) card?


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