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  • Avocado Lover Gift Box - AvoSeedo

    Avocado Lover Gift Box - AvoSeedo

    The Avocado Lover Set has everything included that you need to make the most out of your avocados. 1x AvoSeedo Avocado Growing Kit  1x 5-1 AvoSeedo Avocado Slider & Saver set 2x White flags to write names or date  1x Avocado themed-socks 1x Instruction flyer  1x Giftbox  If you love avocados, you want the Avocado Lover set! Keep your Avocados fresh longer with the Avocado Saver, peel and cut the avocado perfectly with the avocado slicer and use the seed to grow your own Avocado tree with AvoSeedo. Never have you used one Avocado that efficiently. The Avocado Lover Set is the perfect gift for anyone Avocado! Amaze Your Loved Ones Are you tired of finding your dear ones an unusual yet wonderful present? Make them feel special with this one-of-a-kind gift set, which includes an avocado seed growing kit, multipurpose avocado tools, and a pair of adorable avocado-themed socks. AvoSeedo offers you the perfect gift choice to surprise your friends & family! Avocado Seed Holder The avocado boat grower, built in the shape of an avocado, allows you to grow your own avocado tree indoors with ease and comfort. With its seed holding and free-floating ability, you can grow any plant, not only avocados. A tree planting kit for both kids and adults that makes planting fun for all! Easy to Use The AvoSeedo avocado tree growing kit is designed for healthy plant growth, even for those who have no gardening experience. Simply remove the avocado pit with care and peel its skin. Set the pit in the avocado seed holder and place it in a water pot. Remember to replace the water every two weeks and see the magic grow in 1 to 3 months! The 5-in-1 Multipurpose Avocado Tool Box With the Avocado Peeler and Pitter Set, you're now just 3 steps away from Guacamole bliss. Split the fruit with the silicone knife, and remove the pit with the pitter. Slice it with the opposite end of the knife, which features an efficient fan blade design for the perfect slices, and preserve the leftover avocado in the avocado saver box. Safe & Convenient The avocado grower and durable tools included in the package are dishwasher safe and handy to use due to their smooth finish. Without the right equipment, removing avocado pits may be dangerous, but you can now manage it all with only two incredible gadgets. Grow, pit, and store your avocados safely to experience unlimited avocado holiness!

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