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The latest trends in urban jungle land

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The latest trends in urban jungle land

The days when there was a pathetic, sad Sansevieria in a far too small pot on your grandmother's windowsill are numbered. Plants are back in and the golden rule is: the more, the better. Moreover, natural materials such as rattan, wood and bamboo are also very much present in our interiors these days. Combine all the above in your interior and you imagine yourself in an urban jungle. Urban jungle literally means 'city jungle' and is an interior style that focuses on green and natural elements. The urban jungle style creates a green oasis of calm in the middle of your home, office space or business. 

Urban jungle trends

Within urban jungle style, we have spotted some fun trends that will transform your interior into a blissfully green space in no time at all. 

Plants, plants and even more plants!

The foundation of an urban jungle is houseplants. Nothing brings a room to life like a fresh green plant. Alternate between small and large plants to create a playful effect. You can choose for example a large palm, some small succulents or a medium fluffy leaf plant. Put these three comrades together and enjoy the interplay!

The power of… flower pots

You can have a lot of nice plants in your interior, but without a nice flower pot, they immediately lose their flair. Choose consciously when you go for a flower pot, because a flower pot makes or breaks the whole picture. Ask yourself, what is more beautiful? A bright green plastic flower pot or a terracotta flower pot in a beige shade? Right. A natural colour palette with earthy tones goes best with your green plants. Think brown, green or beige tones. You can work with different shades and colours, but it is best to stay within one kind of colour palette. You can apply this trend to your flower pots, but it also applies to your decorative cushions, plaids, photo frames and furniture. Moreover, a glass flower pot can also be very nice. Think of an empty, glass jam jar or maybe a plant terrarium is more your thing?

Botanic prints

If everything is in one colour, it can already get boring. That is definitely not the intention of an urban jungle look. Spice things up by opting for botanical prints. Botanical prints are prints with flowers, leaves, bouquets and trees. You can choose a cute botanical print and frame it to hang on the wall. But a botanical print can also be reflected in the cushions on the sofa or in the curtains. Go crazy!

Natural material

Rattan, wicker, wood and bamboo are back in style. You see it coming back in chairs, tables, cupboards and decoration, but also in fixed elements in a home such as an accent wall in wooden slats. Integrate some natural elements into your interior and you will be right on top of the latest trend in interior design.


Anno 2023, we are all paying a lot more attention to our ecological footprint, and that's a good thing too. Sustainability is back in fashion. Urban jungle interiors encourage a sustainable lifestyle. 

With these new trends, you are back in the game! In our shop, you will find a wide range of houseplants in different sizes and sustainable and natural furniture and accessories. So you can create the urban jungle of your dreams in no time.


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