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    Strelitzia Nicolaii - Bird of paradise plant - ↑ 90-110 cm - Pot size Ø 21 cm


    The most popular green houseplant at the moment is pre-eminently the Bird of Paradise plant. Where the plant used to be very popular because of its beautiful flowers, it has...

    XL house plants - Set of 2 - ↑ 60-80 cm - Pot size Ø 17 cm


    Air So Pure plants, like many other plants, are natural air fresheners that ensure a healthy living environment. Plants neutralize harmful gases and convert Co2 into oxygen. Also, the humidity...

    Alocasia Zebrina - Houseplant - ↑ 60-70 cm - Pot size Ø 17 cm


    The Alocasia Zebrina is an extremely popular and well-known houseplant. Originally the Alocasia comes from Asia where the plant grows in the rainforest. But today the Zebrina can be found...

    Plumeria Hawaiien 'Frangipani plant' - 55-70 centimeters high


    The Plumeria Hawaiien is a tropical plant that can grow strongly fragrant flowers. The Plumeria is also called Franchipani, which refers to the 16th century Marquis Franchipani, the Italian inventor...

    Gardenia Jasminoides (Cape Jasmine) - Set of 2 - Buttonhole flower - ↑ 25-40 cm - Pot size Ø 13 cm


    The Gardenia Jasminoides, also called Cape Jasmine, is native to China and Japan. This plant came to Europe in the 18th century. Because of its beautiful white flower and wonderful...

    Senecio Rowleyanus 'String of pearls' - Pea plant - ↑ 25-40 cm - Pot size Ø 14 cm


    The pea plant, also called Senecio Rowleyanus or String of Pearls, is a very nice plant. The hanging plant has stems with small balls on them. In the Netherlands it...

    Yucca 'Elephantipes' - Houseplant palm - ↑ 70-80 cm - Pot size Ø 19 cm


    The Yucca 'Elephantipes' is a real indoor palm and originates in Central America. Here, this palm species is frequently grown in larger nurseries deep in the rainforests. The Yucca gets...

    Monstera Monkey Mask - Moss stick - ↑ 60-70 cm - Pot size Ø 17 cm


    The Monstera Monkey Mask is a tropical plant with leaves with holes in it. Because this is so unusual, the plant has been called 'Monstera', which means 'strange' in Latin....

    Calathea Orbifolia - 'Peacock plant' - ↑ 50-60 cm - Pot size Ø 21 cm


    The Calathea Orbifolia, also known as the Peacock Plant, is native to the rainforest of South America. This beautiful plant is currently one of the most popular houseplants and is...

    Calathea Makoyana - Peacock plant - ↑ 40-50 cm - Pot size Ø 21 cm


    The Calathea Makoyana has the elegance and beauty of a peacock tail, which is why it got its rather glorious name. The leaves are light green with a dark green...

    Monstera Deliciosa - ↑ 60-70 cm - Pot size Ø 21 cm


    The Monstera Deliciosa is also called the Hole Plant. The plant owes its name to the special shape of the leaf. In English it is also called 'Swiss cheese plant'.As...

    Areca Dypsis Lutescens - Indoor palm - ↑ 100-120 cm - Pot size Ø 21 cm


    The well-known and extremely popular Areca palm, also known in the Netherlands as Goudpalm, originates from the humid tropics of Madagascar. In the wild, the Areca palms can grow up...

    Pachira Aquatica – Fortune Tree/Money Tree - ↑ 60-70 cm - Pot size Ø 17 cm


    The Pachira is a plant with many nicknames. Thus it is called Water Cocoa or Money Tree. The plant got this name because in the Far East it is thought...

    Strelitzia Nicolai - Bird of paradise houseplant - ↑ 55-70 cm - Pot size Ø 17cm


    The most popular green houseplant at the moment is the Bird of Paradise plant par excellence.Where the plant was previously very popular for its beautiful flowers, it has recently become...

    Philodendron Florida Green - Houseplant - ↑ 40-50 cm - Pot size Ø 17 cm


    With its beautifully shaped leaves and striking red stems, the Philodendron Florida Green steals the show. It grows elongated incised leaves that grow together and also have a beautiful shine....

    Trendy urban jungle mix - Set of 4 house plants


    Create your own urban jungle Mix of 4 different plants for home or office Easy to care for Air purifying effect Plants are supplied in standard plastic nursery pot, without...

    Set of 4 very strong 'Easy-care' house plants - ↑ 25-40 cm - Pot size Ø 12 cm


    Turn your living room or bedroom into an urban jungle. No green fingers? Do not panic! These plants are super easy to care for.This houseplant mix consists of exceptionally strong...

    Philodendron White Wave - Houseplant - ↑ 20-30 cm - Pot size Ø 12 cm


    The Philodendron White Wave is native to the rainforest of South America. In the wild, the Philodendron grows against trees with its aerial roots. This special houseplant is an eye-catcher...

    Calathea 'Marion' XL - Peacock plant - ↑ 50-60 cm - Pot size Ø 21 cm


    The Calathea Marion is a very striking plant with a beautiful white pattern in the dark and light green leaves. The underside of the leaves is beautifully colored red. It...

    Monstera Minima - ↑ 25-35 cm - Pot size Ø 12 cm


    This popular Monstera Minima is the little brother of the Monstera Deliciosa and an asset to any interior! The Monsteras originate from Mexico and are better known in the Netherlands...

    Wir haben immer eine große Auswahl an Zimmerpflanzen in verschiedenen Größen, Arten und Farben. Bist du eher der große grüne Pflänzchen? Mit ein paar schönen Zimmerpflanzen wirkt jedes Haus gleich viel wohnlicher und Sie können sich in Ihrem Zuhause Ihren eigenen „Urban Jungle“ schaffen. Bei urbanjngl.com bist du genau richtig! Werfen Sie auch einen Blick auf unsere Flaschengärten-Kollektion

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