No green fingers? No worries. Our terrariums take care of themselves. Watering is no longer necessary, we have already done that for you. In this way you can enjoy greenery carefree at home or at the office. Enjoy the benefits, not the burdens.

Our terrariums are true everyone's friend that feels at home in any interior. And yet every plant terrarium is different. We make them piece by piece by hand in our plant studio in the Netherlands. The tropical plants are carefully selected by hand from the best Dutch and European growers. This way, the plants are guaranteed to go well with each other and you get a real eye-catcher in your home. Which terrarium with plants do you choose? Are you going for glass DIY terrarium Sam XL or for the little brother terrarium Sammie?

What is a mini ecosystem?

A mini-ecosystem with plants is a self-sustaining biodiversity. Different types of moss, tropical plants and other ingredients sustain each other. Each part has its own role. For example, did you know that we sometimes put a small colony of springtails in a terrarium? These critters are tiny, but very important. They eat fungi, which keeps your bottle garden healthy. We love to combine all the ingredients into one beautiful, self-sufficient whole. In fact, that means you don't need water to keep the ecosystem alive. Just before we put the cork on the bottle, we add a little water. Just enough for your bottle garden to stay alive.

A sustainable gift for you or your friends

A bunch of flowers lasts about 2 weeks, if you are lucky. You can enjoy a terrarium for much longer. There are even stories of a bottle garden that has been alive for 57 years! That is why a bottle garden is the perfect sustainable gift for every moment. For a housewarming, birthday, Mother's Day or any occasion. You make women, but also men happy with it. Such a sturdy bottle is stylish in any interior. And even for the smallest green lovers, this is a perfect present. Kids learn in a fun way how the large ecosystems on our earth work.

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