Palm trees should not be missing in your urban jungle. The evergreen foliage of our 70-80 cm high Yucca will inspire you. As a solitary plant in a modern planter, it will be an absolute highlight in your living room. But it doesn't have to hide in groups with other houseplants either. Due to its height, the Yucca is an ideal plant that allows smaller plants to appear in the foreground of your jungle.

If you say urban jungle, you also have to say Areca Dypsis Lutescens or golden fruit palm. Do you always dream of distant countries and a lot of relaxation when you hear the word palm tree?

Then this palm will make you dream even more... Beautify your home with the vigorous palm tree from our shop. The long, broadly feathered fronds of our gold palm are an impressive sight that will fascinate you every day. Don't miss out on the visual pleasure, let exotic flair move into your home.

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