Terrariums with plants are all the rage. They come in all shapes and sizes, large and small, expensive and very cheap. And nowadays you can sometimes buy a terrarium with plants for less than three tens in the offer at Lidl. But do you really buy a sustainable terrarium that you can be proud of and can enjoy for years to come? Mme.., we doubt it. But of course you are completely free in your choice.

Why buy a DIY terrarium kit from urbanjngl.com?
You can actually see a terrarium as a small ecosystem in your house, self-sufficient and therefore comparable to the beautiful earth on which we are allowed to live. We therefore find it important that the products we work with are chosen in the most sustainable way. Your own small ecosystem at home! So that you, your colleagues, friends or family can enjoy our sustainable green terrarium with plants  for years.

Shipped and packaged for you!
We deliver our DIY terrariums, made in our Dutch plant studio, all by ourselves with the love and care. We ship our DIY terrariums with the regular parcel services. To ensure that these terrariums can also be delivered to you in one piece, we have developed special shipping boxes that minimizes the risk of damage. All our terrariums and products are therefore always packed and shipped with the greatest care. So no worries about your terrarium purchase and shipping!

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